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Electric Appliance Operating Cost List

Here is an extensive list of electric appliances and an estimate of how much electricity each may use in anaverage home with average usage patterns. Note the assumptions that were made for each appliance, especiallyhow much electricity the appliance draws (watts) and how often the appliance might be used in a typicalhousehold. These two factors along with the age of the appliance are the most important variables thatdetermine operating costs.

The assumptions listed for each appliance determine the “Monthly Cost Estimate.” The assumptions examples.These references allow you to compare your appliance and your personal usage patterns with the estimateshown below. Your exact usage will likely vary from these examples, but a list like this is still very helpfulto learn which appliances affect your electric bill the most.

Cost per kilowatt hour

One of the most important factors in determining the cost to operate your appliances is your cost of electricity.This is usually stated as a “cost per kilowatt hour” (kWh). Your personal cost per kWh can be calculated bydividing your most recent electric bill’s dollar amount by the number of kWhs on that bill. For example, amonthly bill of $90.00 that used 1100 kWhs would have an average cost per kWh of $90.00 ÷ 1100 or about$.082 (8.2 cents) per kWh.

If your personal cost per kWh is significantly different from this, you can still use this table to estimate yourappliance costs. Multiply the “Monthly kWh Estimate” shown for each appliance by your personal cost perkWh to determine a more accurate estimate for the appliances in your home.

The estimated costs below have been calculated with a cost of: $.082 per kWh


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