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Home Inventory Check List
Use this as a guide to go through your home and list everything that you have.  You will need this list to show proof of ownership for your insurance company. It is also recommended that you take a picture or a video of the items.  It is also a good idea to take the video camera around your home and video tape it.  Do it in slow motion.
MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET EVERY WALL AND ROOM. (you do not want to go to fast, this way you make sure that you get everything)
Also keep as many receipts as you can.  The more receipts you have the better you chances are of getting the price you paid for your items.
Make sure after you are done with the list that you keep it some where else NOT IN YOUR HOME. (i.e. moms house, sisters/brothers house, safe deposit box)We recommend this because if you were to be robbed or if your house were to burn down, this could be the only way of getting your things replaced.
Download the File
Inventory List.pdf (PDF — 234 KB)
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