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Sample Inspection.pdf (PDF — 5 MB)
Reviewer: Katy P

"I am a first time soon to be home owner. Tony and his team member (Jake) were very professional and thorough with their inspection. As they were working through the home they took time to explain things to me, point things out, offer tips in different sections of the home for things to be on the lookout for in the future, and explained a few upkeep suggestions for me to keep in mind. I've been told home inspections can be nerve wracking, but the guys made me feel comfortable and took time to fulfill my specific requests above and beyond. I would recommend their service to anyone wanting a knowledgable, punctual professional that will take time to put any concerns at ease, explain things in detail, and answer questions. They will also take time to educate you on things you don't know so if you're not extremely knowledgable (like me)-

AM is perfect for you!"
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