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25 Ways to help keep warm

In the quest of saving money without sacrificing your comfort, many home owners and renters alike are searching for ways to keep warm without turning on the heat. Save on your energy bills while keeping your bank account happy and full with these 25 effective ways of staying warm sans your heating unit.

1.) Wear Multiple Layers of Clothes Now is not the time to strut around in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Dress in multiple layers to keep your core temperature comfortably warm.
2.) Don’t Forget Your Socks According to the University of San Diego, if you have cold feet, you’re going to be cold. Keep warm by wearing thick wool socks.
3.) Keep Your Oven Door Open After baking, keep your oven door open to let its heat circulate throughout your kitchen. The smaller your home, the better this technique works.
4.) Eat Hot Soups Raise your core temperature by consuming hot soup on cold winter days.
5.) Don’t Skip the Coffee or Tea Along with the caffeine boost, hot coffee or tea keeps you warm from the inside. Want to avoid stimulants? Drink decaffeinated coffee or tea.
6.) Open Your Window Curtains or Blinds During the day, open curtains or blinds to let warm sunlight naturally heat your home.
7.) Treat Windows to Capture and Safeguard Heat Install special window treatments to capture and retain heat within your home. Improperly treated windows can let a vast amount of heat escape into the cold winter nights.
8.) Close Window Curtains and Blinds at Night Prevent Father Winter from stealing your heat by closing window blinds and curtains at night when temperatures drop
9.) Stay Active Clean your home or exercise whenever you feel the sting of coldness. By staying active, you’ll naturally increase your core temperature.
10.) Increase Humidity in Your Home Humidity increases the temperature within your home. Therefore, skip your space heater and turn on an energy-efficient humidifier
11.) Reverse Ceiling Fan Circulation Instead of keeping your ceiling fan turned off, reverse its circulation to push warm air down into your living space. This is effective after you’ve ran your heater for a little while.
12.) Buffer Hard Floors With Blankets While rugs are best, if your budget doesn’t allow for this purchase, place blankets on bare floors to keep them warm.
13.) Keep Bathroom Doors Open When Showering Let the warm, humid air seep out into the rest of your home while showering by keeping your bathroom door open.
14.) Don’t Run Bathroom Ventilation Fans While ventilation fans draw out unpleasant smells after using the bathroom, it also sucks out warm air. Light a candle to eliminate smells to keep your bathroom warm throughout winter months.
15.) Use Towels to Block Chilly Air Roll up a towel and place along the bottom of a door to stop drafts and heat leaks.
16.) Keep the Fireplace Flue Shut Prevent winter drafts by keeping your fireplace flue tightly shut.
17.) Enhance Your Bedding Change out your sheets for flannel and use a down comforter to stay warm during frosty winter nights.
18.) Warm a Bag of Beans Warm a bag of beans in the microwave and place in your bed or against you while lounging on the couch.
19.) Cover Your Head Much like your feet, heat escapes through your head. Wear a wool hat or beanie to keep your body toasty.
20.) Keep Door Shut Keep all the doors in your home shut. The smaller the space, the easier it is to keep warm.
21.) Stay Away From Windows Move furniture away from large windows to keep warm. Even treated windows emit cooler temperatures during the peak of winter.
21.) Stay Cozy When lounging on your couch, cover with a warm blanket.
22.) Wear Slippers In addition to wearing wool socks, keep your feet extra toasty when doing chores by wearing slippers.
23.) Install Clear Shower Curtains Over Windows Allow your home to absorb heat, and keep it in, by installing clear shower curtains over windows that receive direct sunlight.
24.) Add Insulation in Your Attic Keep heat from leaking out of your home by adding insulation to your attic or crawl space.
25.) Light by Candles Along with saving on energy costs by keeping your light off, candles also produce a decent amount of heat. While not as warm as a fireplace, these small heaters can keep your immediate area warm.

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